Motor matic injeksi irit harga murah

Yamaha Mio Matic Machine J or Motor Matic Injeksi Irit Harga Murah is More Responsive New Technology class, Mio J Fuel Injection with fuel-efficient low prices up to 30% more efficient with the Green Gas Emissions Lingkungan.Yamaha Mio Jet Fuel Injection sooner the economical for High Power with Low RPM = Engine Fuel Efficient Up to 30%.

Yamaha Mio motorcycle review sophistication J's good to know what the Yamaha was Jet_Fuel Mixture Injection (YMJET-FI), FI JET HE is indeed made specifically for small cc motorcycle motors. General structure of the design is not much different from the conventional injection system where the tengki ceburin fuelpump in gasoline and gasoline that will be distributed to the injectors to spray fuel that is mixed by the exhaled air from the throttle body to the combustion chamber.

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but Yamaha makes a fundamental difference in the air supply line. Yamaha two-lane divided Namely Via air supply pipe is called the Air Assist small and large channel Pasage Main Air passage. Air is blown into the combustion chamber via one of two paths, depending on the needs of the detected engine rpm. Threshold of about 5 thousand rpm. So if the engine is running below 5 thousand rpm-an air line going through the small channels Air pasage assists, while when more than 5 thousand rpm's and require greater power, then the air going through the Main asist pasage. Certainly more efficient pathway.
Yamaha Yamaha Mio also claimed J This is the world's premier application for YMJET-FI engine that is used to automatically grade. Mio A 113 cc engine utilizing 4-stroke, 2 valve, SOHC. This machine is capable of generating power in the run up to 7.75 PS 8500 rpm with peak torque reached 8.5 Nm at 5,000 rpm.
Yamaha mio j launch was very festive hundreds of motorcycle enthusiasts came to witness the launch of Yamaha this. Not to forget the Yamaha lovers community mengiring 8 launch. Mio A very suitable for young children who want to look stylish, sporty and dynamic. Uniquely designed by Mio A 3-tone color combination. There are three different basic colors in a single product, which can be seen on the front cover and the head lamp cover, spack front board, cover the side wings and rear body cover, cover the lower body.
The presence of injection J Yamaha Mio scooter market add color to the homeland. And arguably, the face of the engine capacity of 113 cc scooter is no less stylish with Mio Soul as his brother who first marketed in Indonesia.
General Manager of PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Kencana Eko Prabowo said the scooter is very suitable for young people aged between 16-24 tahun.Yamaha Mio J that carries a tiny body that has been awarded a minimalist yet dynamic design. While the combination of a small light head lamp and raises the impression of cute.
When open the trunk, Mio J has been equipped with 8-liter luggage area. Following a rain jacket to pants can be swallowed easily. And still menyisahkan space to store other belongings. Engines 113 cc 4-stroke, 2 valve, SOHC turned on, his voice smooth enough. Mio has brought J Automatic Headlight On (Aho). So do not bother to turn on the lights in the daytime.
Mio J could face tough terrain, ranging from bad roads, hills, and turuna and gravel and sandy road and be able to eat comfortably turn after turn with Yamaha is famous for handling very well.
Acknowledges the latest Yamaha Mio scooter with a capacity of 113 cc J does not look macho for the size of the motor scooter, but even so it can go fast. although that is not wrapped with a macho body, Mio A very powerful and the fastest in its class. Mio J not only speeding. Used for city trips are also very suitable, because the engine has also been designed Mio J for everyday purposes.
J claimed Mio very sporty, sophisticated and dynamic. Body design is not flat but has a touch of curves of the shadow effect of high-quality elegant and nuanced. Mio prominent dots J as a whole can be seen on the rear body, spack board, leg shield and head lamp.

For about fuel consumption, Yamaha Mio with the Mio A injection engine is quite economical. Scooter newcomers recorded a liter Pertamax to reach out to a distance of 70 km in Yogyakarta-Navan traveled a distance of about 180 km. This figure represents the best of the dozens of riders who tested the Yamaha Mio J. On the way Mio J had dilesatkan up to speed 80-100 km / h, this proves 113 cc engine CVT that pinned well enough to travel out of town.
Right Choice Motor Matic Injection Efficient Design

For most consumers Indonesia, choose the motor matic injection technology does not just stop at a factor of fuel efficient and lower-priced (economical). There are still other considerations that are not less important, namely the design. The problem is not many brands that offer these important elements in one package.

Fortunate to now have been available in the national market Yamaha Mio scooter matic latest J. With the motorcycle consumer can bring these benefits to fuel efficient technology, low prices and attractive design. Moreover Yamaha provides two types to choose from, namely Mio Mio J J Family and Teen.

Yamaha Mio specifically created type J Family to the public or families who want to look dynamic. A Teen While Mio was created to accompany wishes more young people who want to look trendy confidently.

A Family Mio own character dynamic, sporty, elegant, and simple. There are five variants of choice for Family type, the colors white, green, blue, black, and red. While the Mio A Teen is suitable for young children who want to look stylish, sporty and dynamic.

Uniquely designed by Mio A Teen 3-tone color combination. There are three different basic colors in a single product, which can be seen on the front cover and cover head lamp; spack front board, cover the side wings and rear body cover; cover the lower body.

Application of three different basic colors on parts of the motor is a real look at the five variants A Teen Mio. The first variant is the hero bike black base color - white - red.

The other black - green - light gray; white - blue - gray; white - black - light gray, and white - red - light gray.

For the price on the road in Jakarta, Mio J-FI priced at USD 11.99 million, Mio CW J-FI price is Rp 12.8 million, Mio CW Teen J-FI for USD 12.93 million.


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